SBH Emergency Medicine Residents Win First Bronx Sim Wars - SBH Health System
Image of Emergency Medicine Residents competing in Bronx Sim Wars Competition

SBH Health System hosts first all-Bronx Emergency Medicine competition for residents.

Returning home with his girlfriend from a trip to Cambodia, a young man arrives in the Emergency Room in heart and respiratory distress after vomiting continuously for hours.

Within minutes, he begins to have seizures.

Over the next 20 minutes, the medical team requests a battery of tests, consults with supporting clinicians, dispenses medication, and extrapolates pertinent information from a highly agitated patient and his less than forthcoming girlfriend. (It was later discovered that the patient had ingested a large amount of cocaine.) This is all done so the team of emergency medicine doctors, fighting against the clock, can quickly piece together the clues in hopes of determining the patient’s diagnosis – and saving his life.

Just another day in the life of a busy city emergency room – or so it would seem. Only this time, it’s the Bronx Sim Wars, a battle between teams of emergency medicine residents from three Bronx hospitals, SBH, Jacobi/Montefiore, and Lincoln.

The competition was created as a collaborative effort between sim leaders at Jacobi and SBH, and conceived as a fun and educational exercise for emergency medicine residents, says Dr. Mina Attaalla, SBH’s director of simulation education and informatics.

According to Dr. Marianne Haughey, director of the emergency medicine residency program at SBH, “I am thrilled to have this opportunity to bring the three emergency medicine residencies from our borough together to jointly enhance education. The good-natured competition allows for a spirit of excitement as we work to improve care for our Bronx patient population. I think this reflects the unity of the baseline motivation of emergency medicine – the goal to give our patients the best possible care despite whatever challenges exist. As we work together we only get smarter and better at what matters – providing world class emergency care.”

Held in the auditorium at SBH before a packed audience, the event was at times both dramatic and comedic. Each five-member team of emergency medicine residents worked on a patient who transformed from an actor to a state-of-the-art mannequin. “Hal” is an advanced multipurpose patient simulator that features physical and physiological features capable of simulating lifelike cases in an ED setting. This includes airway and lung compliance that allows for ventilation and sensors for drug recognition and real life monitoring.

A panel of judges, comprised of emergency medicine physicians who serve as medical directors of simulation labs at New Jersey Medical School, St. John’s Riverside Hospital and Elmhurst Medical Center, scored the three teams on their clinical actions, teamwork and communications.

The SBH team, comprised of Drs. Natalie Hubbard, Christina Hajicharalambous, Jimmy Truong, Maisah Shaikh and Yash Chavda, emerged victorious. As a result, the Bronx Sim Wars cup will reside at SBH for the time being, or at least until the next winner is crowned.

Are you interested in a career in emergency medicine? For more information, please visit the SBH Health System Emergency Medicine Residency Program page.