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Medication is an important component for treating patients with chronic conditions. This is particularly true with older people, who can take as many as a dozen different prescription medications in addition to over-the-counter drugs and supplements.

Unfortunately, such factors as misunderstandings, lack of compliance, changes in one’s medical condition, cost, and lack of insurance coverage can all get in the way – and the results can be tragic. This can include hospitalizations, side effects, mistaken diagnoses, and/or a failure for the medications to work as prescribed.

SBH Health System (St. Barnabas Hospital) will hold its’ popular Dinner with a Doctor series on Tuesday, June 21st (in English) and Wednesday, June 22nd (in Spanish) on the topic “Let’s Talk About Your Medication.” The events will be held in the hospital’s Braker Building boardroom (Third Avenue and 182nd Street). There is no cost to attend the event, which includes the serving of a delicious and healthful meal.

Presenting will be clinical pharmacists Dr. Rachel Sussman and Dr. Valery Chu. The Spanish presentation will be given by Marilyn Flores.

Image of Dr. Rachel Sussman
Dr. Rachel Sussman
Image of Dr. Valery Chu
Dr. Valerie Chu
Marilyn Flores
Marilyn Flores

Included will be information on the following:

  • What are medications for?
  • How should medications be taken (in terms of reading labels, instructions, technique)?
  • What are side effects of medications (when it comes to adverse effects and the importance of monitoring)?
  • What are the advantages in keeping an updated medication list?
  • How well do you take your medications (so far as adherence, reminders, missed doses)?
  • How do you store medications (when it comes to storage/handling)?
  • How can your pharmacy help with taking medications? (resources/services of community pharmacies)

To RSVP, please contact Diana Loubriel at 718-960-9295. Parking is available by entering the hospital campus at Third Avenue and 182nd Street.


Dinner with a Doctor

St. Barnabas Hospital holds Dinner with a Doctor on a regular basis, with members of the hospital’s medical staff discussing various health issues while attendees enjoy a light meal. Past events have included presentations on such topics as aging joints, attention deficit disorder, breast cancer treatment, dental health, diabetes, heart care, hospice and palliative care, men’s health, pain management, questions to ask your doctor, vascular disease, wound healing, and women’s health. To meet the diverse needs of the community served by the hospital, presentations are offered in English, Spanish and other languages.

“We encourage members of those communities we serve to take advantage of our Dinner with a Doctor series,” said Len Walsh, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at St. Barnabas Hospital. “It gives them a chance to meet some of the area’s best doctors and clinicians, and get answers to questions they may have on various health and medical topics. This upcoming presentation on the topic of medication for patients with chronic conditions should be of particular importance to the patients we treat.”

Dinner with a Doctor is free and limited to 60 people. You must be 16 years of age or older to attend and reservations are required to assure that space will be available.


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