Standards of Performance

At SBH Health System we have Standards of Performance.

SBH Health System employees have worked together to develop the 8 behavior standards upon which to model daily actions. The standards uphold the Pillars of Excellence. Each month, the entire workforce focuses on improving one standard. The standards are tied to annual performance reviews.

1.    Accountability

At SBH Health System, we are committed to providing exceptional service that exceeds the expectations of our patients. We believe that caring and compassionate personal behaviors are at the core of our organization’s commitment to delivering quality patient care.

  • All SBH employees are responsible to be responsive to patient’s presenting needs including patient call lights
  • Update patients and family on wait time, and care plans
  • See Something, Say Something

2.    Etiquette

At SBH Health System, we are committed to create a favorable impression for our patients, visitors and co-workers.

  • Step off the elevator when a patient is being transported
  • Always smile and speak to fellow passengers; hold the elevator doors open for others
  • Answer the telephone within three rings
  • Always provide your name and the department you work for

3.    Responsiveness

Service Recovery – when the SBH patient experience falls short of being EXCELLENT, we pledge to make service better.

  • Listen and respond with empathy
  • Apologize for not exceeding expectations
  • Be proactive in making amends, even in a difficult situations

4.    Communication

Communicate with courtesy, clarity and care in all verbal and non-verbal messages.

  • Always thank patients for choosing SBH Health System
  • Listen to patients and their families. Be courteous. Don’t use jargon.
  • No on-going e-mail conversation; after 2nd reply to an e-mail, call the individual
  • Before rendering services, explain what you propose to do and why

5.    Teamwork

There is no “I” in team. As SBH Health System employees, we are linked to one another by a common purpose; to serve our patients and our community. Our co-workers, therefore, are our teammates and without their contributions, none of us could perform our job. Each of us has an obligation to his or her co-workers.

  • Provide co-workers with information they need to do their job.
  • Collaborate with others to deliver the highest quality of care or service.
  • Speak positively about co-workers.

6.    Sense of Ownership

Demonstrate stewardship. Take pride in facility appearance. We have ownership in our DRIVE to Patient-Centered Excellence.

  • Take action in helping others comply with hospital policies (i.e., HIPAA policy and no smoking zones)
  • Take responsibility for our actions and their consequences
  • Return materials and equipment after using them

7.    Appearance

When we dress, groom and maintain our workplace with care, we show respect for our patients and give them confidence in our ability to care for them.

  • Be neat, clean and professional in appearance
  • Adhere to dress code policies
  • Pick up litter and dispose of it
  • Display name badges at eye level

8.    Diversity

We know that our differences, unique talents and varied backgrounds come together to create a stronger whole. Our goal is to provide care that is clinically excellent, ethically based and culturally sensitive.

  • Actively celebrate the growth and success of the hospital’s diverse community
  • Respect everyone’s privacy, personal space, culture and heritage
  • Welcome new team members

As we continue on our journey to Excellence, there will be many opportunities for growth and improvement; therefore I understand that the standards and their expectations may change and or expand along the way.

SBH Health System does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, sex, national origin, citizenship status, age, disability, ethnic predisposition, carrier status, marital status, sexual orientation, transgender status, gender identity, veteran status or any other characteristic.