St. Barnabas Hospital has a 49-bed Adult Inpatient Psychiatric Service serving adults aged 18 and older with psychiatric disorders. Experienced professionals from multiple disciplines, including Psychiatry, Psychology, Nursing, Social Work and Activity/Recreational Therapy, staff the units.

Upon admission to the Psychiatric Service, each patient is assigned a treatment team consisting of a psychiatrist, psychologist, social worker, primary nurse, and activity therapist. This team oversees every aspect of patient care and, in collaboration with the patient themselves, is responsible for developing an individualized treatment plan. The plan is formally reviewed regularly and updated and revised as goals are met.

A psychiatrist evaluates all patients and may prescribe medication. All patients are evaluated medically and any medical issues are addressed.

Patients are also provided with group and milieu therapies. Groups typically focus on helping patients cope with their illness, and assisting them in reducing their potential for relapse. Patients may receive individual psychotherapy as appropriate.

Discharge planning process is an important aspect of treatment, and is begun as soon as a patient is admitted to the psychiatric service. Each discipline is involved in this process. The primary goal of discharge planning is the development of a safe and appropriate discharge plan that maximizes an individual’s ability to function as independently as possible in the community and reduce the patient’s potential for relapse. This goal is accomplished by ensuring that each patient is referred for appropriate follow-up and aftercare services to help them to cope with their illness and life stressors. For many of our patients, these services are provided by our affiliated comprehensive mental health clinic (Fordham-Tremont Community Mental Health Center).

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