Senior Health Center


Comfort and Care

Our seniors are a treasured part of our community. Their well-being is often compromised as age and illness appear. Many seniors suffer from multiple chronic illnesses and are highly dependent on others for assistance. They are often unable to get the medical care they so desperately need. Some must travel to different locations to see multiple doctors who may not even be aware of their entire health history.
Most medical offices cannot devote the time and energy that older patients require, which means that many conditions can go undiagnosed and untreated. Our team performs comprehensive evaluations of medical, physical, functional, and emotional factors without the need for the patient to travel to multiple locations.
Patients see the same clinician at every visit to the Senior Health Center. Those needing additional treatment will usually get their care right in our Center and often without even leaving the exam room. Our expert staff from multiple health fields works as a team to deliver medical care and key treatment programs at one convenient location.

Dedicated Staff

We are proud to offer the services of a highly trained multidisciplinary staff:
• Board-Certified Geriatricians
• Nurse Practitioners and Nurse Case Managers
• Patient Navigators
• Physical and Occupational Therapists
• Speech and Hearing Therapists
• Social Workers and Counselors
• Mental Health Professionals

Treatment Programs

We offer key programs in:                                                                           
• Falls, balance disorders and dizziness                                                              
• Urinary incontinence                                                                                            
• Late-life depression
• Vision, hearing and dental screenings
Our goal is to promote and maintain a healthy, safe and independent life for our seniors in the comfort of their own homes.
Our facilities are located in the Center for Comprehensive Care, a beautifully renovated environment located on the fourth floor of St. Barnabas Hospital. 

The St. Barnabas Senior Health Center was made possible with a generous grant from The Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Foundation, Inc.

Senior Health Center
Center for Comprehensive Care
SBH Health System/St. Barnabas Hospital  
4422 Third Avenue, 4th floor
Bronx, NY 10457
Phone: (718) 618-8989