Our organization is committed not only to providing patients with high quality and caring medical services, but also to providing those services pursuant to the highest ethical, business, and legal standards. These high standards must apply to our interactions with everyone with whom we deal. This includes our patients, other health care providers, companies with whom we do business, government entities to whom we report, and the public and private entities from whom reimbursement for services is sought and received. In this regard, all personnel must not only act in compliance with all applicable legal rules and regulations, but also strive to avoid even the appearance of impropriety.

In short, we do not and will not tolerate any form of unlawful or unethical behavior by anyone associated with this organization. We expect and require all personnel to be law-abiding, honest, trustworthy, and fair in all of their business dealings. To ensure that these expectations are met, the Compliance Program has become an integral part of our corporate mission and business operations.

The Compliance Officer reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer of the organization and to the governing board. You may communicate any concerns, complaints, or questions directly to the Compliance Officer, Cassandra Andrews Jackson, through the Compliance Helpline by calling 844-239-0567, by email at, or report online at We have a strict no-retaliation policy.


Cassandra Andrews Jackson
Compliance Officer
Compliance Helpline: 844-239-0567

Report online

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SBH Health System Names New Chief Medical Officer

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