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Nursing Education

The Department of Education provides professional support for the Department of Nursing at SBH Health System to promote excellence in nursing education and development of a knowledgeable diverse workforce to advance the community’s health. The core of the Department of Education is the sound orientation program provided for either internal hospital transfers or for new hires to promote preparation of nurses that contribute to the quality of care and patient safety. Orientation consists of didactic presentations provided by nurse educators in conjunction with skills simulation and carefully orchestrated preceptor monitored unit-based clinical rotations.

Nurse educators are assigned to all nursing services to coordinate the orientation and development of the individual. Moreover, the department provides educational enrichment for other clinical departments and hospital staff.  There is an interdisciplinary collaborative approach with residents in all specialties providing presentations and skill validation training.

The department foundation is the Professional Practice Model which highlights the relationship between nurse and patient. Nurse educators provide enrichment to the staff by encouraging and teaching to enhance patient satisfaction, nurse decision making, accountability, practice change, collegial relationship and interdisciplinary support, all within the infrastructure of nursing standards of practice.