Board of Trustees

The vision, wisdom and leadership of St. Barnabas Hospital’s dedicated Board of Trustees assures that the hospital’s mission—to provide the highest quality of care to all in need—is fulfilled in keeping with the highest standards.

Victor R. Wright, Chairman
Elizabeth E. Bartlett, Senior Vice Chairman
Maureen D. Donovan, Esq., Vice Chairman
John N. Tognino, Vice Chairman
Elizabeth Juárez Sánchez, LCSW, Secretary

Mildred Allen, Ph.D.
Hon. John A. Barone
Helen Foster
David P. Harris, CFA
Thomas Hughes
Carolyn Jones
John J. Lordan
John McKew, Esq.
Andrew P. Mezey, MD, MS
Charles Moerdler, Esq.
Grover O’Neill, Jr.
Wendy Rodriguez
Howard Safir
Theodore A. Spevack, DO, MA
Barry A. Wintner, CFA