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SBH Hemodialysis Center

Dialysis is a life-sustaining treatment for people with end-stage kidney disease. At the SBH Hemodialysis Center, patients in need of dialysis will find a state-of-the-art facility that provides the highest quality treatment available. At the same time, they will find a warm, caring and supportive environment. Living with dialysis is not easy, but our staff is dedicated to making it as positive an experience as possible. For many patients, the Center is like a second home.

Our dialysis patients benefit from the coordinated teamwork of a highly trained bilingual staff that includes an on-site medical director, kidney specialists (nephrologists), nutritionists, social workers, dialysis techs, and nurses with special certification in nephrology. They all work together to make sure that each patient is monitored individually and receives the appropriate health and nutrition education which is so important to their well-being.

To help pass the time during their 3- to 4-hour treatment sessions, patients will find a flat-screen TV monitor at each of our forty dialysis stations. They will also benefit from natural light pouring through large skylights, creating an airy and pleasant environment throughout the day.

Safety Award
We are proud of our recognition as a 5-Diamond Patient Safety Facility by IPRO ESRD Network, an honor we earned for building a culture of patient safety in our dialysis center. The 5-Diamond designation acknowledges the success of staff and patients in implementing patient safety in five key areas.

Patient Advocacy Committee
Our patients have a voice through our Patient Advocacy Committee (PAC), which is made up of patients and staff from all shifts. The committee focuses on expressing patients’ opinions and promotes positive improvements in the quality of care

Patient Newsletter
Some of our dialysis patients were inspired to create a bilingual quarterly newsletter for the Center, which they titled the NNN (Nephrology Neighborhood News). In collaboration with staff, they write articles that are helpful to each other in understanding their needs as dialysis patients. Printed in English and Spanish, the NNN conveys the strong commitment of patients and staff working together to promote wellness.

Beyond providing treatment with the most advanced, computerized technology available, the SBH Hemodialysis Center fosters a culture of wellness and a sense of belonging for patients undergoing dialysis.

Location & Hours

SBH Hemodialysis Center
SBH Health System
4451 Third Avenue, 1st Floor
Bronx, NY 10457
─Saturday, 6am–6:30pm


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