Spiritual Care

Being sick or injured can be frightening and emotionally draining. Our SBH chaplains offer emotional and spiritual care for you and your loved ones. They are available to listen, to comfort, and to help you draw upon your personal strengths.

The pastoral care services we offer are non-denominational and independent of any particular religious affiliation. Our chaplains follow the lead of the patient/resident and intervene in ways that are appropriate to the unique needs and desires of the individual. This includes support and help in accessing the patient’s and/or family’s resources through compassionate listening. We respect all religious traditions and welcome the involvement of your home clergy while you are hospitalized. It is also not necessary to belong to a congregation or even consider yourself religious to consult a chaplain.

The Meditation Room
The Meditation Room is a nondenominational space offered to persons who may need a moment of quiet. The only thing we ask is to respect others who may be in the room at the same time and maintain a quiet place. Open 24 hours and seven days a week, the Mediation Room is located on the ground floor between the main elevators and the hallway leading to the exit.

Location & Hours

St. Barnabas Hospital
SBH Health System
4422 Third Avenue, Main Floor
Bronx, NY 10457
Monday─Friday, 9am─5pm


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