image of woman with newborn

By Dr. Mark A. Rosing

At SBH, we specialize in giving our patients peace of mind. When moms-to-be step through our doors, they can expect only the best. Your comfort is our priority and we are committed to providing high-quality pregnancy care and delivery. The following are just some the reasons why we can guarantee an exceptional birthing experience.

  1. Access to a team
    of over 20 doctors and midwives during and after your pregnancy. While we are a teaching institution, all of your care will be provided or closely guided by experienced physicians and midwives.
  2. Top-level neonatal
    (high-risk baby) doctors and neonatal nurses should your baby need some extra special care after birth.
  3. Patient-controlled epidural analgesia
    that relieves your pain and allows you to take charge of your comfort.
  4. Our Maternity Pavilion
    boasts full participation in the American Congress of OBGYN Safe Motherhood Initiative to ensure the highest level of safety for our pregnant mothers. We have one of the lowest c-section rates in the state and availability of vaginal birth after c-section to allow you the safest birth options. We offer mobile fetal monitoring options, as well as a labor tub for your safe comfort and natural pain relief.
  5. Transcare Ambulance Service
    to make sure that you have your delivery with your chosen hospital. To contact TransCare or to request emergency transport, call 877-251-9111.
  6. Nutrition Assistance
    from our affiliated Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for those who qualify.
  7. Therapeutic Massage
    for mothers and their newborns.  Our osteopathic manipulative treatment involves gentle, non-invasive hands-on treatment that can reduce musculoskeletal strain to help prevent painful conditions related to the birth process.
  8. Multilingual staff and translation services
    for over 100 languages.
  9. Childbirth Education
    offering convenient online pre-screened learning resources at
  10. Free Diaper Bag
    and a soft fleece blanket for your newborn.