29 Jun 16
Image of Doctor working the night shift

On The Night Shift

Healthcare is a round-the-clock business. Whether it’s 2 pm on a Thursday or 5 am on Halloween, someone will always be in need of care. For more than 290 SBH…

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28 Jun 16
Image of Dr. Eric Appelbaum on television

New Way of Gardening in the City

Dr. Appelbaum on Container Gardening If you live in cramped surroundings that stop you from growing your own vegetables, like many in the Bronx, container gardening could be the answer.…

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15 Jun 16
Image of little boy at pool avoiding summertime injuries

Common Injuries of the Summertime

Summertime means everyone is outside… It also means that many more people will find themselves getting injured. To help you get the most out of the great weather, here are…

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9 Jun 16
Image of Dr. Ernest Patti being Named Teach of the Year

Dr. Ernest Patti Named Teacher of the Year

Dr. Ernest Patti, senior emergency medicine physician and president of the SBH medical staff, poses with students at Sophie Davis School of Biomedical Education after receiving its Faculty Appreciation Award…

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