30 Aug 16
Illustration of crowded living conditions contributing to asthma

Asthma In The Bronx

It’s no surprise that the Bronx has the highest incidence of asthma in America. Heavy traffic, construction, overcrowded living conditions, a high rate of smokers and poor compliance result in…

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22 Aug 16
Image of woman inserting contact lens

8 Ways To Combat Contact Lens Discomfort

Many people who wear contact lenses also suffer from allergies. This combination can make allergy season especially hard on contact lens wearers. Symptoms of allergies can include dry, itchy, puffy…

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17 Aug 16
Image of girl using electronic tablet

Screen Time and Children

How much time does your child spend in front of a screen? Screen time includes time spent watching television, using a smartphone, tablet, computer, playing video games or other electronic…

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8 Aug 16
Image of stars on a led screen representing those who have thrived

Those Who Have Thrived

SBH Health System takes pride in its ability to develop and mentor staff and help them grow both professionally and personally. During our 150th year, we celebrate the stories of…

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