30 Mar 17
Image of Dr. Celaj, MD discussing saving lives in the cardiac cath lab

Saving Lives in the Cardiac Cath Lab

The call comes into the hospital’s emergency department, letting doctors know that an ambulance is on its way with the victim of a possible ST-segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction (or STEMI).…

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23 Mar 17
Image of Asparagus, a healthy spring food

Best Spring Foods

There’s something about springtime that makes us all feel like young kids. Include these spring foods in your diet and start feeling like a kid year-round! Asparagus This nutritional powerhouse is…

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8 Mar 17
Image of woman and daughter discussing mental health

A Woman’s Guide to Mental Health

As a woman – whether a daughter, sister, mother, wife, or grandparent – you need to stay in good physical and mental health. Good mental health is as important as…

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