Image of woman stretching – one of Dr. Patti's Spring Health Tips

After a very long winter, activities and exercise are now being planned for the outdoors. In order to have a healthy and injury-free change of the seasons, be sure to include Dr. Ernest Patti’s  spring health tips in your planning.

8 Spring Health Tips:

  1. Properly stretch your body prior to beginning any exercise routine. Remember to exercise during the cooler early morning or the after-sundown hours.
  2. Those with allergies need to see their doctor early for medications and precautions to prevent and lessen the severity of their symptoms.
  3. Frequently shower and change clothes after outdoor activities, use air filters and air conditioners in the home, and avoid bringing pollen-coated items (like pets) into the home.
  4. Warmer weather and exercise will increase your body’s need for water. Limit sports drinks to those excessively humid days as they also contain extra sugar and salt.
  5. As you get more exposure to the sun, remember to use sunscreen and moisturizers with proper SPF protection (usually SPF 50 or above). Apply it frequently, especially to children.
  6. Warmer weather also means insects. Repair any broken window screens, and use mosquito repellent if outdoors after dark or in the early morning, especially on children.
  7. Use the right safety equipment-warm weather sports require proper headgear, padding, and safety items.
  8. Finally, proper nutrition is a must! Eat smaller, lighter meals, with a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables which are now in season.



Image of Dr. Ernest PattiDr. Ernest Patti is a senior emergency medicine physician at SBH Health System and a professor at the new CUNY School of Medicine. He is frequently seen on Fox News.



Dr. Ernest Patti