Image of Angela Babaev, RN at 20th World Nursing Education Conference

“Nurses are often leaders in the shadows. We are most comfortable working behind the scenes to lead change. Some do this well, but when there is a critical mass of shadow leadership, nursing’s power and potential are overlooked by others. We must come out of the shadows.”
– Diana J. Mason, editor-in-chief of the American Journal of Nursing

Diana J. Mason’s quote is not only an inspirational statement but also the basis for Angela Babaev’s keynote presentation at the 20th World Nursing Education Global Conference.

Babaev, the assistant vice president of education and nursing recruitment at SBH, represented the United States at the three-day event in Osaka, Japan, where health care professionals from over 20 different countries gathered to share their clinical research findings.

The theme of the conference, Current Challenges and Innovations in Nursing Education, served as a perfect backdrop for Babaev’s keynote speech. Focusing on transformational leadership, she related the ways that leaders can guide their organizations, inspire and challenge followers and develop future leaders.

As one of the eight presenters, Babaev chaired learning sessions on innovations in nurse education. The other presenters hailed from Macau, Turkey, Taiwan, Philippines, Nepal, and Australia. She shared her research on the impact of nurse-leader rounds on patient satisfaction scores and perceptions of nurse communications.

“This conference was a great exchange of knowledge in many areas of nursing,” says Babaev, “All the countries brought in a lot of studies and identified many common goals and issues that are found in every part of the world.”