Image of Asparagus, a healthy spring food

There’s something about springtime that makes us all feel like young kids. Include these spring foods in your diet and start feeling like a kid year-round!

Image of AsparagusAsparagus

This nutritional powerhouse is at its best in the spring! Asparagus is filled with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant nutrients, both of which may help to reduce your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes and heart disease. It is also rich in fiber and contains B vitamins which may help to control blood sugar.


LeeksImage of leeks

Leeks come from the same family of vegetables as garlic and onions. Leeks contain fiber and folate, which have been shown to decrease your risk of developing coronary heart disease and certain cancers. They provide 30% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C in just half of a cup! Vitamin C improves iron absorption, helps heal wounds, and protects the body from pollutants and toxins. Leeks are also rich in calcium and phosphorus which keeps your teeth and bones nice and strong!


MushroomsImage of mushrooms

You would be shocked at just how good these are for you! Mushrooms contain a ton of vitamins and phytochemicals which can help the body fight cancer (breast and prostate) and give your immune system a much-needed boost after a long, cold winter. They have as much potassium as a medium-sized banana! Meaty and earthy, they are a great substitute for meat in recipes.