Image of Dr. Eric Appelbaum discussing holistic treatments

The use of holistic approaches like ear seeds to treat such problems as neck and back pain and insomnia is growing among New Yorkers, according to a recent story on WCBS-TV.  Dr. Eric Appelbaum, Chief Medical Officer at SBH Health System, who was also interviewed for the story, believes that such treatments can offer a viable option, but should be used in conjunction with more traditional western medicine.

“I would always suggest that you talk to your primary care physician the first go round when you’re seeking treatment for pain or nausea or some sort of ailment,” says Dr. Appelbaum.  He does, however, see benefits to the alternative treatments.

“Some of the medications out there have tremendous amount of side effects, so I’m all for people going down that road,” he said.

These procedures aren’t always covered by insurance so patients need to check with their provider. A new application for this is for soldiers injured on the battlefield — the ear seeds help them with pain relief before they’re brought in for the proper care.

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Steve Clark