Hospitals that provide care for uninsured patients play an integral role in the U.S. healthcare system. With financing from Wells Fargo, one such facility in the Bronx was able to purchase much-needed equipment.

Recent census data categorizes 33 million, or roughly 10 percent, of U.S. residents as uninsured. This same group is also often the most in need of medical services. That’s what makes “safety net” hospitals such critical resources for the communities they serve.
Hospitals – like St. Barnabas in Bronx, New York – receive the safety net designation because of this key component: an open-door policy for services and treatment for all patients – which means the under-insured, the uninsured, or those on Medicaid. As a result, St. Barnabas annually receives more than 88,000 emergency room visits, an average of more than 240 per day.

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Source: Wells Fargo, Anne Oberlander