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Health education and health promotion programs are essential to the mission of SBH Health System. Our staff has developed and maintains a number of community outreach activities as follows:

Collaboration with Community Based Organizations and Neighborhood Service Providers

The staffs of the Community Affairs and External Affairs Departments serve on Bronx Community Planning Boards as well as on the boards of local organizations.  Collaboration with community planning boards and neighborhood service networks allows us to acquaint you with the hospital and our available health services.

School-Based Mental Health Services

SBH Behavioral Health, an affiliate of St. Barnabas, maintains mental health programs offering comprehensive psychological and preventive services to children and their families on-site at three public elementary schools in the South Bronx.

Blood and Eye Tissue and Organ Donor Drives

The Auxiliary of St. Barnabas Healthcare Facilities sponsors intermittent community/employee blood drives with the New York Blood Center and organ and tissue donor drives in conjunction with the Eye Bank for Sight Restoration.  In addition, the Auxiliary has provided financial support for pilot studies on childhood obesity/diabetes at three parochial elementary schools in the primary service area of the Hospital.

Community Health Fairs

Members of the St. Barnabas staff initiate and participate in several health fairs and workshops in the surrounding communities throughout the year.  These events are held on-site at neighborhood social service centers, churches, schools and senior citizen centers, often in cooperation with the local community planning boards or merchants’ associations.

Humanitarian Initiatives

In addition to being a vital health and human service resource to the people of the Bronx and beyond, St. Barnabas Healthcare Facilities and its affiliates have a long and distinguished history of reaching out to assist victims of human tragedies both in our immediate communities, e.g., Happy Land Social Club Fire, and in countries throughout the world. In the last several years, St. Barnabas has sent relief teams, medical supplies, food, clothing and monetary donations to the Midwest section of the United States, Kosovo, The Philippines, several islands in the Caribbean, South and Central America and Israel in response to floods, earthquakes, hurricanes or Scud missile attacks that hit these areas.  The trustees, administrators and staff of the St. Barnabas Healthcare System continually demonstrate compassion and concern for their neighbors, local and worldwide.