Dentistry & Oral Surgery at SBH Health System

Christopher Lane, DDS
Chair, Department of Dentistry and Oral Surgery

The Department of Dentistry & Oral Surgery provides comprehensive care for patients with teeth, mouth, jaw and facial disorders. SBH specialists perform restorative dental care, root canal and periodontal treatment, and implant dentistry, using the most advanced technologies.

All modalities of facial injuries ranging from complex injuries involving the craniomaxillofacial skeleton to lacerations and salivary gland injuries are treated. Outpatient and inpatient services are provided for patients of all ages with facial infections and lesions requiring biopsies; disorders involving the tongue, teeth, palate and floor-of-mouth; and for patients needing implants and other surgical restorative treatments.

Treatment of dentofacial deformities includes Virtual Surgical Planning

(VSPĀ®) for complex surgeries and 3-dimensional analyses to guide surgery and optimize patient outcomes. This includes facial asymmetry, retruded or receding lower jaw, upper jaw or enlarged lower, or upper jaws and open bite. An oral facial pain specialist manages acute and chronic pain of the head and neck.

Sedation and general anesthesia are provided as needed by board-certified dental anesthesiologists.