Otolaryngology / ENT at SBH Health System

Leacroft Green, MD
Director, Otolaryngology

ENT surgeons at SBH Health System treat both children and adults for acute and chronic conditions including:

Head and Neck – Otolaryngologists perform both cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, remove tumors, and treat other head and neck-related medical conditions.

Ear – Diagnosis and treatment of hearing problems, balance loss, infections of the ear, and ear-related dizziness are available. Certified audiologists conduct hearing exams on the same day as requested.

Nose – ENT surgeons provide treatment for sinus and nasal dysfunction, breathing problems, sleep apnea, and cosmetic problems. They collaborate with SBH’s on-site Sleep Center.

Throat – We manage infections, voice and swallowing disorders that may include the tonsils, adenoids, voice box,  the pharynx, and upper esophagus. Physicians work in conjunction with speech and language disorder therapists.

Dr. Leacroft Green is certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology. He received his medical degree from the Yale School of Medicine and completed his residency training in ENT at Mount Sinai Hospital. He completed his Head & Neck Fellowship at the Lore Head and Neck Cancer Center/the University of Buffalo.