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Volunteering and Internship Opportunities at SBH

Are you thinking about a career in healthcare? Or want to help out the people in your community?

SBH Health System is seeking volunteers and interns interested in learning about the day-to-day business of a fast-paced hospital. Participants work with top-notch industry professionals and gain the exposure and experience necessary to start their careers or give back to the community. We accept volunteers from all age groups and levels of experience. We encourage you to apply today!

To apply, please visit our “How to apply section” to learn more about next steps

Candidates must be 14 years or older, commit to a minimum of three hours per week for 2 months, and complete the SBH volunteer and intern registration process. Please submit the following components:

  • Completed application
  • Resume
  • Background form
  • Medical form

Note: When submitting the medical form all attached copies of lab work (titers) must be attached.

You must submit all forms, resume and application to via email or by faxing to 718-960-3033

  • Friendly Patient Visitor
  • Office Administration
  • Patient Ambassador
  • Human Resources
  • Concierge Escorts
  • Patient and Community Engagement
  • Stroke Education
  • And much more!!
Will my privacy be protected?

You and others in your group will sign a confidentiality agreement when it is emphasized that particular concerns should not be discussed outside the group setting. Ground rules are agreed upon and posted in the group space. The decision to share information with the group is made by each participant; no one is ever pressured to disclose personal concerns. Individual time with your provider will be conducted in a private area of the Centering room. Should you require an exam or have issues that require additional privacy, you will be seen in an exam room outside the Centering appointment.

Is Centering for everyone?

We believe anyone can enjoy and benefit from Centering Pregnancy. Talk with your provider if you have any further questions about whether this is right for you.

Will I still get my ultrasounds and lab tests that I expect in prenatal care?

Centering Pregnancy is your prenatal care. Your provider is responsible to see your care meets all the standards for prenatal care. Labs, prescriptions and ultrasounds are ordered for you. Results of the lab tests and ultrasounds are shared privately with you. Women in Centering tell us they better understand lab testing and medications prescribed during pregnancy after the group conversations.

Two hours seems like a long time for a healthcare visit. What happens during the two hours?

At the start of a Centering Pregnancy session, you will complete your self-care and have an individual assessment and time with your provider. You may complete a “Conversation Starter” in your Centering notebook about a topic you’ll discuss later, enjoy snacks and chat with other group participants while other patients meet with their provider individually. When the group “circles up” together, there are discussions and activities. There is time to practice skills, such as breathing and relaxing, or holding and comforting a baby.   Groups are lively, interactive, focused on the topics that are most important to you and FUN!

What if I’m or someone in my family is sick?

This is a common concern. You will never be pressured to share anything with the group that you are not comfortable speaking about. However, most participants group feel like they’re interacting with a group of friends who are all going through similar things, and the benefits they receive from sharing their experiences are tremendous.

Can my partner or another support person attend my group with me?

Yes, in fact we encourage you to bring your partner or support person as they will benefit from being a part of the group too! We ask that you bring the same person to each session for continuity and confidentiality. Support people sit in the circle and fully participate in all activities and discussions.

Will my provider really get to know me in a group setting?

Absolutely.  In most cases, patients and providers find they get to know one another better through Centering groups because they spend so much more time together! You get both private time to ask questions and talk with your provider, as well as group time.

Can I bring older children to my group visits?

No, this is strongly discouraged. Most children will be bored in a two hour group and can become a distraction for their moms and other group participants. Also, children do not sign confidentially agreements and the group’s privacy is something we take very seriously.  Since the schedule of visits will be known well in advance, it should be easier for you to make child care arrangements.

What does it cost?

Your charges and/or copays for Centering Pregnancy care are the same as traditional care and are determined by your insurance coverage. If you have any questions, speak with the healthcare practice administrator.

What is the process to become a volunteer or Intern?
  • Complete all forms
  • Complete a background check
    • Please note it takes generally 1 – 2 weeks, but all cases vary especially if you are from another state
  • Complete an SBH volunteer orientation
  • One you have completed the above documentation (medical and background) an SBH ID badge will be issued and you may begin volunteering
How many hours a week can I volunteer?

You may volunteer for up to 35 hours per week

How can I submit my forms to apply for an internship/volunteer position?

You may submit all forms via email to or via fax to 718-960-3033. Please address it to the attention of Ms. Yvonne Robles.

If I am under 18, can I still volunteer?

You must be 14 and older to volunteer at the hospital. If you are under 18 then you need working papers and a completed consent form.

Do I need working papers to be a volunteer?

If you are under 18 then you will need working papers and a completed parental consent form.

What do I need for medical clearance?

A completed medical form and when submitting the medical form all attached copies of lab work (titers) must be attached.

Who needs to complete a background check?

If you are 17 and older, then you must complete a background check; however if you are under 16 and under you DO NOT need to complete a background check.

What if I don’t have a Social Security Number (SSN), may I still apply?

If you do not have a SSN, you unfortunately will not be able to apply at this time.

If I am an international volunteer, what language will my documents need to be in?

If you are an international volunteer please note that all documents need to be in English.

Do I have to pay for my background check?


Are any of the volunteer or internship opportunities paid?

Please note that all positions are non-paid.

Are there opportunities to work on the weekends?

There are no weekend positions available at this time.

Volunteer Applications

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Volunteer Health Assessment

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