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Family Practice Residency Program

Welcome! The Department of Family Practice is dedicated to providing our patients with the highest quality medical care. Every decision and every action by our staff is directed toward this ultimate goal. Our department strives to produce outstanding physicians that can serve the healthcare needs of our community. We also take great pride in the fact that we demand the highest quality of care from our staff while serving a medically underserved population.

We believe that our patients are our most important assets. Without them we would have no purpose. We place great importance on remembering our patients’ names and on treating them with courtesy, fairness, and respect they deserve.

We believe that our diverse staff is the heart of our department. The quality of care, which they convey to our patients, has the far greatest impact on the patients’ perception of our physicians and department.
We believe that patients and staff flourish in an environment in which the relationship is based on mutual respect, trust and compassion. The ability to remain committed to these goals under difficult conditions is equally important as attaining the maximum technical skill.

We strive at all times to be gracious and accommodating, both to our patients and to our fellow employees, staff, and colleagues. Our philosophic goal is to create a truly “family” environment at our outpatient center and throughout our department.

It is our desire to have staff members who will work together with a sincere spirit of cooperation, professionalism, dedication, and teamwork. We believe these are key ingredients not only in the success of our department but in promoting a pleasant and rewarding work environment for our staff, residents, and patients as well.

We consider our department to be at the forefront of our profession and have committed great resources to the development and operation of our residency program. Our staff is passionate in their dedication to turning out the best family physicians in our profession. We want to look back with pride in our efforts and provide our residents with all the rewarding experiences of having completed a quality program. Our attending staff is committed to the learning and development of our residents and medical students. We are entirely devoted to the philosophy of community-oriented primary care and the biopsychosocial model of medicine and expect these concepts to be applied in every preceptor session between residents and attending physicians. They will be expected to manage a wide variety of patients with multiple complex medical problems and treat patients who have experienced many barriers to care including cultural, compliance, educational, language, mental health related, socioeconomic, Our residents routinely have seen pathology that is frequently relegated to the final paragraphs on rare diseases in medical textbooks. Our patient population is very challenging and it is our firm conviction that comfort in managing such complexity creates uniquely gifted physicians who are capable and up to the task of providing healthcare in the 21st century of the new millennium. Our program develops holistic Osteopathic Principles that emphasizes our uniqueness in the health care system. All this accomplished in a department with a uniquely family environment and with the ultimate goal of fostering the qualities required for excellent patient care.

The SBH Family Practice Residency Program is designed to accommodate the individual learning needs of osteopathic physicians who plan to pursue a career in Family Practice. The residency training focuses on the ambulatory aspects of patient care, prepares residents to take the AOBFP certifying board examination, and accommodates individual practice interests. The resident learns the basis for community oriented primary care. The program is located at the Union Community Health Care Center, a federally qualified health center which has been designated a level three patient centered medical home by the NCQA. In keeping with this designation, the residency program complies with standards which benefit both patients and residents. This includes the use of an appointment system that accommodates appointments, walk-ins and referrals and allows ample time for exam, treatment and patient education. The site also provides comprehensive coverage, operates 40 hours a week, and assigns residents to provide care for a specific panel of patients. Residents can expect to have an average of 16 hours/week of training in the ambulatory site.

Educational features of the residency include an average of five hours/week of regular scheduled lectures/conferences which include:
• ACLS certification
• Component on malpractice, jurisprudence, and/or risk management
• Component on physician-patient communication skills
• Ethics curriculum/consultation
• Formal curriculum in behavioral medicine
• Formal curriculum on managed care
• Formal training in osteopathic manipulative treatment
• Journal club
• Procedures courses
• Research opportunity
• Simulation lab
• Structured Board review
• Structured curriculum on end-of-life care
• Structured practice management experience
• Written evaluation of performance

ll conditions of employment including compensation and benefits are negotiated with the Committee of Interns and Resident SEIU; which represents all interns, residents, and fellows.

• Professional liability coverage for all activities that are approved components of the resident program
• Medical and dental insurance
• Disability insurance
• Prescription drug plan
• Uniforms
• Reduced parking rates
• Vacation: 20 days
• Stipend: $650
• Sick days: 1 day per month in the first year and twelve per year thereafter
• Salary: Commensurate with post-graduate year as stipulated in the CIR Collective Bargaining

Application materials should be directly uploaded to ERAS.
• ERAS application
• Dean’s letter
• Three letters of recommendation from physicians familiar with your clinical and personal abilities.
• Medical school transcript
• Board scores
• A personal statement regarding your interest in family medicine and the program

The Department of Family Practice is justly proud of its graduates and would welcome you back for a tour. Feel free to drop us an e-mail; we would be delighted to see where you have settled.

The Family Practice Residency Program and SBH Health System in general are in the midst of an enormously exciting transition. New facilities and major changes in the curriculum are starting to come into play.

The Family Practice Department will always be known, as it is now, by what you, the graduates, do. We want you to continue to contribute to our growth.

I hope that all of you will be a part of our future. I welcome you to call on me freely to share your thoughts, advice and our excitement.

Nelson Eng, DO, FACOFP
Program Director, Department of Family Practice
St. Barnabas Hospital
4422 Third Avenue
Bronx, NY 10457-2545