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Picture of Dahiana Rosario, manager of SBH Referral Services
Dahiana Rosario, Manager of SBH Referral Services

SBH Referral Services Team
Team -Denia Hernandez, Lisa Velasquez, Lisbet Vivar,Shqipe Gjevukaj, Samil Benitez-Ramirez

Welcome to SBH Referral Services, your gateway to excellent specialty, surgical, and diagnostic testing services for your patients. We provide closed-loop referrals to our wide array of clinical specialists to ensure that your patients have a seamless and quality care experience.

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Meet Dahiana Rosario, your SBH Referral Services liaison

Hello, I am Dahiana Rosario, your personal contact at SBH Referral Services. I am here to answer your questions, tell you more about any of our services, and make sure that you stay informed on your patient’s appointments and medical results. Patient satisfaction is our priority at SBH Referral Services.

I look forward to meeting you. You may reach me at any time at or (929) 303-4593.

Meet our SBH Referral Services Team

Our dedicated referral team works with patients to schedule their appointments at convenient times and ensures they are have what they need to be prepared for their visit.

To make a referral, fax the SBH Referral Services Form to (718) 690-3391.

Office Hours:

Monday – Friday, 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. (718) 960-9122

Ask us about ReferralMD to send referrals online.