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Orthodontics Residency Program

The SBH Orthodontics Residency Program was established in 2001. It became fully accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation in 2005, and re-accredited in 2011.  It is a hospital-based 36-month-long certificate program and offers four positions each year.  Our underlying mission is to educate and prepare well-rounded, highly proficient orthodontists with a strong emphasis on clinical treatment, didactic coursework and research.  The program prepares residents for the American Board of Orthodontics examinations and strongly encourages board certification.

 Year 1

Fundamentals of Orthodontics – This is a lecture and discussion format course that serves as an introduction to orthodontic diagnosis and treatment.  Fundamental concepts are reviewed based on topics (records and diagnosis, orthodontic biomaterials, cephalometric tracing and analysis, development of a problem list and treatment plan, basic biomechanics and class II/III correction) and structured to follow the general sequence of comprehensive orthodontic treatment.

Course supervisors: Lee, Bales-Kogan

Advanced Biomechanics and Interdisciplinary Treatment Planning – This is a follow up course to “Fundamentals of Orthodontics”.  Topics include two-tooth and Mulligan mechanics, functional appliances, the bi-dimensional technique, clear aligners, temporary anchorage devices, multi-loop edgewise archwire therapy, lingual braces and interdisciplinary treatment planning.

Course supervisors: Lee, Bales-Kogan

Research Methodology, Epidemiology and Biostatistics – This course provides the necessary knowledge to adequately review and critique the orthodontic literature.  There is an emphasis on research methodology, epidemiology and study design.  Biostatistics and hypotheses testing are also covered in detail.

Course supervisors: Lee, Bales-Kogan

Classic Literature Review – This discussion format course serves to review, critique, interpret and discuss the classic orthodontic literature that is the current foundation of the profession.

Course Supervisor: Scola

Craniofacial Growth & Development and Anatomy – This course provides a comprehensive review of head and neck anatomy, including embryology, osteology, muscles, blood supply and innervation.  Growth and development of the neurocranium, cranial base, nasomaxillary complex and mandible are discussed in detail.  Theories of facial growth and application of growth and development principles to dentofacial orthopedics are also reviewed.

Course supervisors: Lee, Bales-Kogan

Light Archwire Technique/Tip Edge – This lecture and discussion format course is given to the first year orthodontic residents and provides a review of Begg and Tip Edge biomechanics.

Course Supervisor: Shelton

Multidisciplinary Department-Wide Course List:

The department offers the residents a wide spectrum of mandatory courses that encourage integration of information from all aspects of dentistry to everyday practice, and include:

  • Cultural competency
  • Laser dentistry
  • Journal club
  • Oral pathology
  • Orofacial pain and TMJ management
  • Pediatric dentistry
  • Periodontics
  • Research
  • Semi-annual case/research presentations
  • Staff meetings

Year 2

American Board of Orthodontics Literature Review – This discussion format course offers a comprehensive review of the major topics that will be covered on the American Board of Orthodontics written examination.

Course supervisors: Lee, Bales-Kogan

Year 3

Current Literature Review – This discussion format course allows each resident to select a recent peer reviewed and published article and present a thorough evaluation with special attention to hypothesis, research methodology, statistics, results and application to clinical practice.

Course supervisors: Lee, Bales-Kogan

Years 1-3

Evidence-Based Case Conference (EBCC) – All orthodontic residents attend and participate in 8-12 evidence-based case conferences each month.  At each session, one resident is assigned to present a detailed presentation of an initial, progress or final case.  An article from a peer-reviewed journal that is relevant to the presentation is also reviewed.  All residents are challenged to participate in treatment planning discussions during the presentation.

Course Facilitators: Lee, Bales-Kogan, Alli, Herzberg, Kornbluth, Scola, Shelton

Orthodontic/Orthognathic Surgery Seminars and Lecture Series – This discussion and lecture format course is given to all orthodontic residents and provides a comprehensive review of orthodontic/orthognathic surgery treatment planning, surgical techniques, post-surgical orthodontics and retention.  This course involves lecture, discussion and specific orthodontic/orthognathic surgery evidence based case conferences.

Course Supervisors: Lee, Bales-Kogan, Glied (OS)

Practice Management – This discussion format course is given to all orthodontic residents and provides a comprehensive review of practice management, including contracts, marketing, materials and staff management. The discussion also focuses on clinical techniques, clinical use of various appliances and modalities, and effectiveness/efficiency of treatment types.

Course Supervisor: Kornbluth

Advanced Concepts in Invisalign Treatment – This webinar and discussion based course provides residents with critical information on Invisalign utilization for the treatment of complex malocclusions.

Course Supervisor: Shelton

All conditions of employment including compensation and benefits are negotiated with the Committee of Interns and Resident SEIU; which represents all interns, residents and fellows.

• Professional liability coverage for all activities that are approved components of the resident program
• Medical and dental insurance
• Disability insurance
• Prescription drug plan
• Uniforms
• Reduced parking rates
• Vacation: 20 days
• Stipend: $650
• Sick days: 1 day per month in the first year and twelve per year thereafter
• Salary: Commensurate with post-graduate year as stipulated in the CIR Collective Bargaining

  • Must have earned DMD/DDS degree, or equivalent from an ADA-accredited US or Canadian dental school
  • Must have passed Part I and II of the National Dental Board Examination prior to matriculation
  • Must have completed a one-year dental general residency program, or at least two years experience in full-time private practice.
  • Must complete a PASS application, and register through MATCH
  • Must submit GRE scores and ADAT score (recommended) via PASS
  • Please email your 2×2 photo to
  • There is a $100 application fee.
  • All application requirements must be received by September 1.


Dr. Rosa Estrada (CA)

Dr. Erin Gearity Diamantakis (NY)

Dr. Gregory Rosenberg (NY)

Dr. Purvy Shah (NJ)



Dr. Justyna Balicka (NY)

Dr. Chia-Hung Lin (NY)

Dr. Jose Ortiz (CA)

Dr. Angie Zaki (AR)



Dr. Karolyn Kopcza (NY)

Dr. Cassandra Kahn (NY/NJ)

Dr. Omar Chacon (NY)

Dr. Matthew Rhee (NY/CT)