image of child smiling with teeth

Children are precious to our lives and now there is another way to protect them. The SBH department of dentistry is providing pediatric patients with Toothprints, a revolutionary identification system.

Like fingerprints, teeth impression is unique to every person and can be used to identify individuals should they become lost. Toothprints records a child’s teeth impression with plastic-like wafers that are heated in a water bath. The wafer is placed in the child’s mouth and when the child bites down, the size, shape and position of the teeth are recorded. The wafer also keeps some of the child’s saliva, which can be used by specially trained dogs to pick up scents. The wafer is then placed in a sealed plastic bag and given to the parent to put in their freezer for safe keeping.

Also included in the Toothprints kit are places for the parent to record a fingerprint record, medical history, and photo.

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If you are interested in receiving this quick and easy service, please ask for it during your child’s next dental visit. To make an appointment, please call 718-960-6628.